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September 21, 2011, 8:15 pm
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So, I’m happy to say that my portrait drawing was accepted in the show at the Belmont Gallery of Art.  Yay!  This is a show titled, “See you, See me”, and it’s only portraits.  I saw some of the other works when I was dropping off my drawing.  Should be interesting!  (You can see what the drawing looks like in my September 8 blog post).  The show opens on September 30 and runs through November 13.  Please stop by!

This weekend, I went to the Hyde Park Open Studios.  This was great, as my printmaking teacher, Selma Bromberg, has her studio there.  Her work is really beautiful.  She draws gorgeous flowers, then turns the drawings into prints.  She was doing a woodblock demonstration when I arrived.  I also saw Prilla Smith Brackett, whom I met at my woodblock print class.  She’s primarily a painter, but is starting to work more with prints.  Her work was also lovely.  It was fun to see some of the completed woodblock prints that she began in class.

My painting class is still fun.  My teacher did not like the big paintings that I brought in.  He likened one of them to a “shower curtain”.  I can tell you all of this as I’ve gone through many an architecture crit, and have heard it all.  I really appreciate his honesty.  I think that he’s a good teacher.  Let’s see if I can learn something, though!  He wants me to try figurative work, as that’s my background (as evidenced by the portrait drawing).  Hmm…okay…we’ll see!  I also did a few mini-paintings.  These are only 6″ x 8″.

It was fun to work on these tiny canvases…

I may have to revisit all of these…we’ll see…

On another note…I’m horribly disappointed that the portrait class that I’m signed up for will likely be cancelled.  It’s called “The Expressive Portrait”, and it’s at the Arlington Center for the Arts.  We need THREE more people in order to have the class.  I’m so sad, as it’s highly unlikely what we’ll get them in the time left.  Having a class cancelled on you is so frustrating.  I’ve had this happen several times.  I’m always dumbfounded when it does happen.  You mean…not EVERYONE wants to take this class???  WHY NOT????  I’ve tried to send out emails, etc. to other people who might be interested in signing up.  No luck so far.  If you’re interested…PLEASE sign up!  Seriously.  Do it now.  No joke.

I wish that there wasn’t a minimum number for a class.  I mean…don’t I count at all?  Doesn’t my enthusiasm make up for the low enrollment????  I guess not…*DRAMATIC SIGH*


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Congratulations!! Wish I lived closer…so I could show my support and go see all your work/ shows. You’ll just have to seek placement of your work at a gallery here in SF:)

Comment by Le Vu

Le!!! How are you???? Thanks so much! Yes, a show in SF…hmm…I’ll keep you posted. 😛 I’m sorry to miss Gary’s show…congratulations to him and HAVE FUN!!!

Comment by slightlywonky

Painting class looks like fun! Funny, I know Prilla’s son Matt, who is also a talented painter in Boston. I think they had a show together recently. Hope to make your Open Studio in Arlington (if i can escape from the boys)…

Comment by Lynn

Now HOW do you know Matt? I think that Matt has his studio in Hyde Park, where the open studios were last weekend. How is work going? I hope that all is well!

Comment by slightlywonky

Wow, I guess I’m such a realist when it comes to painting. I always enjoy seeing renderings of scenes or familiar objects…although I sure do love some well placed color now and then.

Congrats on the Belmont show! That’s so exciting. Maybe that will propel your enthusiasm beyond the cancelled class. And hey, one cancelled class means one more free night I could book you for a drink ;o)

Comment by growingmuses

Thanks, Kai!!!! I’m always up for a kai-rendezvous…

Comment by slightlywonky

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