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New painting class & a local artist…
September 14, 2011, 1:51 pm
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So, I started a new class.  It’s called “Supercharged Painting”.  VERY fun so far.  Lots of messy, gloppy stuff.  This week, we were playing around with acrylic mediums to create texture in our work.  So, I have two canvases that I started…but there is no color yet.  I kind of like them plain…but they won’t stay that way!  First one:

It’s hard to see in a photo, but these blobs are different textures…some gritty…some smooth…

In Christian Siriano’s words…it does look like a “hot mess”.  That’s okay.  It will get worse…trust me… :p

The other canvas:

I think that I upped the contrast on this image too much, but you get the idea.  Big blobs!  What fun!

Most of the other students in the class are “regulars”.  There are only a few of us that are new.  The “regulars” all know what they’re doing…and it was sooo great!  It’s so amazing to be surrounded by so many talented artists!  I loved watching them work.  When I find out their names (beyond their first name), I can put some links in my posts so that you can see what they are doing.

Last week, I had a so-so time in the print studio.  A motley array of prints:

Hmmmm…  Next one:


I liked some of the color combinations in that one…

Here are others more on the theme of what I did last week:

And the other:

Those prints get a sustained, “hmmm”, from me.  Comments?  Thoughts?  This week’s class will probably be my last one for the year.  Let’s see what happens!

I had coffee with a local artist, Regina Valluzzi.  Please check out her work.  She is really having some great success, and was so kind in making suggestions for me.  We weren’t discussing our artwork, specifically, but were just talking about the local art scene.  She’ll be at the Arlington Open Studios (as will I) in October.  Please stop by and see her work firsthand!  She currently has a show at the Blue Glass Gallery in the lobby of the Hancock tower in Boston.  Go see it!


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Love, these grey and red prints! You may HMMMMM but I WOW! And I have just spent a lovely half hour wandering through Regina Valluzzi’s website..Her work is fascinating and those very intricate drawings appeal to me a lot. One of the things I liked about the link you sent is that the paintings are shown within an interior setting and not just on a gallery wall.I think it shows them off to advantage. Just love her work and she sounds the most interesting person.Pity I can’t just pop across to Boston and see her exhibition and pop by Arlington at the same time to see yours too.Just as well the internet gives me a window on this world.Oh, I also think the portraits are terrific. Not just technically good but with spirit. Are done in conte?

Comment by Ruth

Hi Ruth! Thanks so much for your kind words. Regina is a physicist, so her work comes from this technical background. She was very interesting, and her work is really amazing. I’ve only seen one of her paintings at the Arlington show that I was in. Great stuff! Hey, we could have ALL had coffee together! Next time you are in Boston, right? Well…thank goodness for the internet. Yes, the portraits are done with conte. When are you going to start a blog? 🙂

Comment by slightlywonky

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