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New woodblock prints
July 13, 2011, 9:40 am
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Last night, I had my woodblock printing class.  I managed to get my act together and finish a block for printing.  I was initially sort of lukewarm about the block, as it seemed sort of flat and 2D to me.  But, after printing it, I think that it is interesting.  The first printing was with some chine colle, or additional handmade papers collaged into it.  My teacher provided the colored papers.  Here is that print:

It’s a bit of an overcast day, so it’s hard to get the colors right.  This image seems a little dark to me, even after I lightened it a bit!  The red paper is a scrap of beautiful handmade paper that my teacher had.  The small green piece is a scrap of paper that had been used in previous prints.  I’m really happy with this.

Then, I started layering this block with a small block.  I printed this small block at the last class.  It needed a lot of “cleaning up”, which means that there were parts of the block that were printing that I did not want to print.  So, I had to carve more to get rid of those stray marks.  Here it is:

I may try to print this one again, as I think that it would be better without the black, and with more white in it.  Here is a detail:

This last print begain with a ghost print of the large, blue block.  Then, I layered on some red with ripped paper stencils:

I think that my teacher liked this one.  I tend to overwork things, so I decided to just leave this one alone and not do anything further.  Here is a detail:

I like woodblock printing.  I think that having a class once a week is good, but it does add stress to the process.  I mean, you have to have something finished each week, or else you will waste your time at class carving.  I try to use class time to print, as that is a rare opportunity to use the press.  I can carve at home, but I can’t print with a press at home.  I think that the carving would be more meditative for me, if I wasn’t rushing to finish a block for class!  So, I can imagine that having one’s own press would help, even when carving.

Someone recently sent me this fabulous link to watch someone baking croissants.  Please watch, as it’s fascinating! It’s kind of scary how much butter in involved.  Anyway, I thought that if I ever get a press…and if I ever decide to stop printmaking, I could use my press for flattening out dough for pastries…who needs a rolling pin when you have a piece of precision equipment, right?

Hmmm…a pain du chocolat would be perfect right now.


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I love these woodblock prints…they are fantastic!

Comment by the organic artist

Thanks so much!!! That’s really kind of you. I appreciate it!

Comment by slightlywonky

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