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Minor success!
March 31, 2011, 1:53 pm
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So, I received a phonecall today, telling me that one of my prints in the local show has won an award!  Seriously!!!  I was so thrilled.   Here it is:

I’m really happy, as I’m just a novice in pronto printing…but I did this anyway, and the judges liked it.  I’ve been working on my technique a bit more, and I think that I’m going to be able to produce better results.  I’ve only started another one, but I think that it’s going better:

Sorry it’s so grey…it’s very overcast today.  (We’re supposed to have SNOW tomorrow!  WHAT?)  Anyway, I bought a bigger brayer, which I think has helped.  I am also working on new paper, which I think is also helping.  Of course, I’ve only done the first color out our four, so we’ll see when I get the rest on there…but so far, I feel that it’s going better.

This is a little sketch that I work on, when I’ve finished printing something more involved, like the print above:

It’s just two colors right now, but I’m going to keep adding to it.

I’ve been SUPER FRUSTRATED with a lino print that I’m working on.  I can hardly bear to show it to you, as it’s turning out so horribly.  It’s just the first layer, so bear with me here:

You have no idea how many times I have tried to print this.  I’ve tried different paper…different ink…it always turns out blotchy.  I’d like to think that I could do lino prints without a press, but I’m starting to feel that this isn’t true.  IF ANYONE OUT THERE SUCCESSFULLY PRINTS LINOCUTS BY HAND BURNISHING, PLEASE HELP!  What paper do you use?  What ink?  How do you not get blotchy/unprinted areas?  I think that if I was working on an image that was mostly carved, it would probably be ok.  But this one is mostly solid, and it’s just proving to be a pain.

I prepared two carborundum plates for tomorrow’s class.  I think that they’re kind of neat, so we’ll see how they print!

I have a slight dilemma for next week.  The official opening of the art show is next thursday, which is the same night as my first carborundum collagraph class.  Egads.  I have to figure out which to do, as I can’t do both very well.  I may go to the class for an hour, then head over to the opening.  It’s my first award, so I kind of feel like I should go…I don’t want them to think that I’m blasé about it!


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You left a great comment on my Double Pine (Magprint Original Prints) print and you asked a few questions.

I hand burnish my prints with a bamboo ladle (harder than wood and lasts longer).

For the last few years I have been using BFK Rives Lightweight to print on. It is very receptive to ink and can take overprinting of quite a few colours. I used to use Japanese papers, but I found them to be too thin for multiple colours.

I use Daniel Smith Oil based inks and I obsessively cover the block with ink. Your brayer does have to be big enough and just keep on criss-crossing over the block with it. You can always peel back a corner of the paper and if there isn’t enough ink on the paper, you just carefully re ink that portion of the block.

See if any of that helps.


Comment by Margaret Rankin

Thanks so much, Margaret!!! Your work really is amazing! Thanks so much for your help. Today, I was so frustrated with my linoleum print, but I’ll follow your advice. Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of it!

Comment by slightlywonky

Congratulations Elizabeth! The print is lovely and after all the work and effort you put in to your art it is a well deserved award.The first of many I am sure.
I have been drawing in ink recently and although I love the results, I find it a very messy medium. Nearly as frustrating as dyeing but it could just be that I am not a neat and tidy person and always end up with it all over the desk, my hands, quite often the floor and whatever else I touch.. I know I should always wear the rubber gloves but somehow I forget them more often than not in my enthusiasm just to get on with the project. I must admit that the hand dyed threads are lovely to work with though and much more subtle than anything I can buy.Hope your forecast snow has come and gone and the spring sunshine is back.

Comment by Ruth

Thank you very much, Ruth! I appreciate your kind words. Have you tried drawing in ink with bamboo pen? It’s carved out of bamboo, and you dip it into ink. I love drawing in ink with that kind of tool…there is so much character to the line. I ALWAYS forget rubber gloves, so my hands and nails look inky. Email me some pictures of your work when you have the chance! Best, Elizabeth

Comment by slightlywonky

I too love the bamboo pen and I will email you the latest effort with it. You are so right about the line and the difference in tone with just one pen full..

Comment by Ruth

Congrats on the award! First of many, I’m sure.

Comment by lisa foster

Thanks so much!!!

Comment by slightlywonky

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