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Pronto print progress
March 22, 2011, 12:40 am
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So, I printed a pronto print this evening.  This is a type of lithography, where one uses a polyester sheet as a plate.  Then, an image is put on the plate, either by laser printer/copier, or by hand.  THEN, when this plate is wet with a solution of gum arabic and water… the oil based ink sticks only where the marks are.  Confused yet?  It’s very finicky.  It takes some serious practice.  It would also work a million times better if I had a press, but no luck.  I had to hand burnish, which adds to the “wonky” character of the print.  On a similar theme to my linocuts, this is an image of the local Regent Theater.

I know.  You’re wondering why the colors are all bizarre.  Well…the ink is happiest on clean, high contrast images.  When you have some subtlety…then things get dicey.  I printed each process color separately…CMYK.  So, this is an attempt.  I will try again another time…but it took around two hours to print this thing…just one print.  SIGH.  I kind of like it, though. 

It actually snowed today.  I know.  Horrors.  Big, fat snowflakes covered the yard…probably only 1/2″  or so.  Still, it was distressing.  I really thought that we were done with that for the season.  It has been known to snow in April though…


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