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March 8, 2011, 4:21 pm
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So, I’m getting ready to try to submit this print of the Regent Theater to the “Images of Arlington” show coming up.  I’ve been experiementing with different papers and inks.   The first prints look “blotchy” to me.  I’m not sure if that’s my own hang up…or if that would be something that a real printmaker would also dislike.  Hmmm.   So, I switched inks and tried printing a new paper.  Here it is:

I know…why bother?  Well, I’m trying to improve my printing techniques, so that I don’t have to get as frustrated as I do.  As you may notice, the colors are slightly different from the last printing, as I didn’t mix the colors EXACTLY the same.  That might be a challenge for anyone, as the inks were different.

I also printed one with just the final block.  Here it is:

Yes, this is on yet another type of paper.  I may add watercolors to this one…or I may just leave it alone.  I think that this could also look nice on colored paper.  Or some chine colle!  My new favorite technique…(refer to previous posts).

I’m also going to TRY to make another print of this, but in a different color palette.  (did I spell that correctly?)  I am slightly concerned that the ink won’t be dry by the time that I need to frame it and submit it.  Maybe I can frame a print with wet/tacky ink?  No?  Bad printmaking etiquette?  See!  There is so much benefit to being a novice…we don’t know any better!

I went to the Boston Prinmaker’s Bienniale at the Danforth Museum this weekend.  SO AMAZING.  Seriously…anyone in the metro-Boston area should go.  The work was so stunning.  So much talent.  I wanted to own all of the prints.  There was also a student exhibition of prints, which was also phenomenal.  Please go see it! 

It did “fire me up” to go home and do stuff.  However, I am somewhat blue that my stuff is so remedial in comparison to all of the work that I saw.  I know…you’ve got to start somewhere…but it would have been so convenient to have been a “prodigy” at something, right?  Instead of starting at the bottom, you start at the top! Oh well.

It has been lovely and sunny all day…which puts me in a good mood, even though I’m scowling at my prints.  Has anyone else seen the printmaking show at the Danforth?  Thoughts?


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